Étude House Glitter Pajama Party


Hope you all have a great Sunday! I had a great lazy day (surprisingly). Started off going to my mummy’s house for lunch. We had steamboat (a shared dish with a pot of boiling curry in the middle with a selection of veges, meat, seafood, noodles etc to cook in the curry. It’s really good!

So I managed to get my hands on yet another étude house polish from the Dear My Party range in Pajama party. This appears like a light blue base with lots of multi coloured glitters. I was quite excited to try it out when I got it online so I was so wrapped when it arrived in the mail. I decided to layer it over a white and Sally Hansen Himalayan Blue. I have to say I’m a little disappointed since it looks a lot like a LA Colors polish I have called Confetti. I still like it but.. I could’ve spent my money on something else and been happier. Oh well! Just add it to my growing collection haha.

Also, just on a random side note. I watched Les Miserables on Tuesday and the songs have been stuck in my head ever since which is fine but I don’t know ANY of the words. Sigh.






Pre Spring Challenge day 9: Rainbow


So you would think that rainbow theme is easy to pull off right? Then how did I manage to semi mess it up?! I’m not crazy about this mani, I don’t hate it but.. Meehhhh..

I decided to make my own nail stickers and just went nuts with a whole bunch if colours and let it dry overnight on a plastic bag and peeled it off and stuck it on my nail using a white polish as ‘glue’. I think it ended up looking like water marble. I also just did a plain mani with different colours for each nail. I used:

Sinful Colors Unicorn, Be Happy, thimbleberry, lets talk and Starfish.




Revlon Demure


So a wee while ago I bought this revlon polish but I haven’t tried it out properly. I decided to use it for just a full plain manicure. I love the bottle – the writing of the word ‘Revlon’ looks so pretty! It’s like it’s classic ya know? Really old school? I dunno how to word it.. I decided to top it off with L.A Colors Confetti which is a multi coloured glitter. It’s very pretty and goes with pretty much any colour, which is great! I like the actual colour of Demure but I found the polish was too streaky for my liking – this was three coats!

Sorry about all the photos! There’s a lot to show…?

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