Christmas Sweater Inspired Nails

Happy holidays!

I finally had time to try (read : attempt) Christmas nails again since it’s very nearly Christmas! Last year I did a nail art challenge and I was doing my nails every day so it’s a big contrast this year.

I started off with a red base colour on all of my nails and used a white striper and gold polish to create various sweater-esque designs on my nails. I’m not too happy with the snowflake on my ring finger or the chevron on my middle finger but oh well! I gave it a try!




Neon pink and dark grey polka dot manicure


I picked up this very bright Orly polish called La Vida Loca from a buy 1 get 1 free sale at Farmers not too long ago and just got around to trying it out this week. I seriously have accumulated a lot of intrieds!

I decided to do one nail as an accent nail with another untried by maybelline called Impeccable Greys and then decided to do polka dots on top of the pink. The grey is so much darker than I expected it to be but that might just be the contrast against the bright pink.



Pink Heart Tips


Today I have a very pretty manicure to share with you! It is inspired by this YouTube tutorial by HelloMaphie which in turn was inspired by a cover of Cosmopolitan magazine featuring Kelly Osbourne on the cover.

In the video she just used a base coat and no base colour but I’m not a big fan of my natural nails so I used two coats of OPI I Theodora You. I then used OPI I’m All Ears to create the heart shape at the tip and outlined this with a black striper. I used a silver glitter by Shisem (which BTW smells really strong) over the pink and finished off with white polka dots.

Isn’t it just so cute and pretty! I love pretty nails.. I’m getting increasingly girlier with age.. Hmm.



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Bright polka dot gradient nails


I was about to say happy Sunday but it is actually Monday and I didn’t have work today because it is a public holiday (Queens Birthday) today, wahoo! I had a very good weekend, polish wise. I got 8 new polishes over the whole long weekend! And I will show you three of them right now.

I found another pharmacy in town that sells Sinful Colors polishes – yaaay! It’s fairly new because I went to this pharmacy a couple of weeks ago to buy hayfever medicine and they didn’t have the stand then.

I got a white, a neon green called Innocent and a bright blur called Endless Blue. The green reminds me of OPI Did It On Em. I really needed a new white polish as the one I have been using started to go gluggy and funny. I think this white is pretty good but I’ve never been overly happy with the SC brushes as they’re a little on the thin side.

I decided to go with a simple multiple sized dotty gradient design for these colours and I always like this type of manicure – it’s just so easy to do and looks like a lot of effort.



Black and pink dots and drips


Hope you are all having great weekends! This weekend consisted of Les Miserables and suit shopping. It was a great weekend all around really. Also I got a new top coat! Yay! Maybe I’ll do a post about it once I see how it goes.

Now, enough with the chit chat and on to the thing we are all here for, my manicure! I’m a big pink and black fan. I’m a bigger pink and white fan but today’s lazy Sunday manicure is pink and black so I’ll just have to deal with it!

I still had my Suzi’s Hungary Again mani on so I just used it as a base and played around with some designs. I always want to try the paint drip look but I couldn’t really pull it off that well today. Sigh. I tried the look with a matte top coat and shiny top coat. Which do you like better?? I think I lean ever so slightly to the matte finish..!



Overlapping blue dots


Hope you all had a great weekend! As I said in my last post, I had a really nice chilled out weekend planned. I went out for a nice walk, got a new phone and to dinner at a nice Korean restaurant called Dahra on Saturday then went fishing (yes, at night) then on Sunday I got up super early and went to the farmers market and got my veges then went out to Paraparaumu beach. All the blue sky inspired me to do a blue mani!

I went for an overlapping polka dot manicure because it is so easy and looks really great. I like how you don’t need to think about the placement of the dots too much 🙂

The polishes I used are:
Sinful Colors Cinderella (base)
Sinful Colors Be Happy
Rubi Call Me Maybe
Sally Hansen Himalayan Blue
BYS Neon Blue



Red bows and polka dots


So I’m getting obsessed with white base nails. Whenever I get a new white polish I’m like “woooooooo..!” I’m pretty impressed with this Kleankolor white polish it has good coverage with two coats and I found it at the dollar store (where it wasn’t a dollar it was three – still cheap though!)

I saw this design online and I had to try and replicate it! I was just looking through google images and there it was.. Sometimes google images is my best friend. I believe this design was originally done by Tacky On Purpose.



Bright green mani!


So this is what happens when you let your boyfriend chose the base colour for your next manicure. He chose a bright lime green colour from Ciate called Mojito. I know that this type of green goes really well with hot pink so I did an accent nail and polka dots with OPI that’s hot! Pink.



Pink with baby blue polka dots


Yay! I’m back home! It was great to get away for a few days – it really felt like a holiday. However much I love going away nothing beats coming home and sleeping in your own bed. Unless if course.. Melbourne, which us one place I could stay because we pretty much have another home there so it’s just like being at home anyway. I may have been quite cheeky and bought a polish while I was away… It was on sale for $2.99 AND I was away on holiday so it doesn’t count.. Hmm.. Plus, it’s only one little tiny bottle it can’t do much harm (yeah, yeah Kalliana just keep trying to convince yourself)

I got Sally Hansen First Blush which is a pretty peachy pink. I think it pairs really nicely with Sally Hansen Himalayan Blue. I’m so glad to have chip free nails again, it really was driving me crazy! I spent the whole trip home picking the polish off my nails as much as I could. I really like these Sally Hansen polishes the formula seems to apply really nicely!