Pumpkin and dots

Hello Lovelies!

So Halloween is fast approaching (really only two days away now) and I haven’t done any Halloween nail art whatsoever! Last year I had a few awesome designs but this year I things have just been so hectic around here.

Anyway, I had a plain manicure on, a peachy colour that I got from roseroseshop by Skinfood and it’s pretty much orange so I decided to add a pumpkin on my middle finger. I think it would look better with a stem (and maybe more like a pumpkin rather than an angry middle finger..) and I opted for cute polka dots because the pumpkin actually kind of scared me a little bit..




Tropical Cloud Manicure


I’ve done the cloud manicure a few times now. I like mixing up the colours and this is a very bright rendition! It ended up looking very rasta and let me just point out that I really didn’t mean for it to! It just happened.. Naturally. I just went through my untried polishes and picked out ones that would go well together.

I started off with three (yup, three) coats of OPI Fiercely Fiona. I only got this because my best friends name is Fiona. Other than that, I’m not very attached to it. It’s streaky and just a bit if a weird colour. I then used Cover Girl Go-Go-Mango and Revlon Wind Fall to create the cloud layers. I really like the Cover Girl Outlast polishes, they have really good coverage and remind me of the Max Factor polishes I got a while back. I only had to use one coat/ stripe of these polishes but between all the coats of poshe top coat.. This ended up being a very thick manicure!

Well enjoy some photos and happy Monday!




Bright summer nails with metallic tips


Hope you are all having a wonderful day/ night/ whatever time it is wherever you are.

As you might know, it’s summer here in New Zealand. We’ve been blessed with some lovely weather lately so I wanted a manicure that matched the sunshine! I started off with two coats of a coral/ orange polish I got from Japan City by Cairo number 29. It’s a pretty good formula for a 3 buck polish. I then used Pearl Silver by Kleancolor for the tips. I always free hand my french tips, mostly because I am never patient enough to wait for the polish to completely dry to stick guides on.

I like the war this turned out and I even got compliments on it when I went out shopping today. It’s funny, it’s always the mediocre manicures that get compliments from strangers I feel (and I always think “well you should see what else I can do!”)



Swatch: Ciate Speed Dial


Now that the Christmas challenge is over I now have time to try out my mini Ciate polishes that I got in the advent calendar. I go back to work tomorrow (boo!) after a lovely Christmas break so I wanted to keep it simple.

I’ve just tried out an orange colour called Speed Dial. I had to do three coats but looking at it now its still streaky and patchy.. Sigh. Some things are just not meant to be. I like the colour itself but I’m disappointed with the application.