Watermelon Ombré


Y’all must have done something really good to get another nail art post so quickly! Maybe the nice weather is making me more motivated to make pretty nail art designs or something? Who knows! In any case, I tried out a design I saw on the Hello Maphie YouTube channel for a ombré watermelon design.

I didn’t think it came out as cute as it was in the video but then or woke up the next day and looked at it again and it looked awesome to me.. But then when I was walking to work I decided against them again. My mind is flip flopping over my execution of this design. I misplaced my black striper and I had to use a paint brush for the seeds so I think that’s one of the main things I’m unhappy with about this manicure..

All in all though, it’s an easy design (maybe make the pink a little larger than the green though.. Not a huge fan of the half and half look).

What do you think? Better than other methods to create watermelon nails or not?




My YouTube Debut!


Over the long Easter weekend I did something pretty exciting. I teamed up with my good friend who has a blog and YouTube channel called New Shoes in Town and made a collab video about polish picks for the season and a little nail art.

You can check out the video here! Be nice.. It’s my first time on camera. Hoping to make many more collab videos with her – maybe monthly faves and the like! Any suggestions or requests are welcome!


Glitter Ombré Bridal Nails


It’s been a long time 😦 too long! I’ve been super busy with just life in general that every time I go to write a blog post.. I fall asleep since I usually blog right before I go to sleep.

Over the weekend, a pair of my very close friends got married and I was lucky enough paint the brides nails 😀 I was really chuffed that she asked me to do it since it’s her special day and all that! The fact that she thought of me and that she would trust me with that is pretty awesome!

I practiced the look she wanted on myself before the big day and here is the one she fell in love with:


I used a plain white polish for the base colour and then created a gradient with various purple glitters, at present I don’t have the polishes that I used on hand but I will at some point (they’re in the car..) so I will have a post in the future with the names of the polishes I used and a picture of the manicure on the bride. The accent nail didn’t make the final cut, it was done just to show what the gradient would look like on a purple base.

Enjoy your week to come! And a hearty congrats to the happy couple (and anyone else who got married on the weekend just been) 🙂

Hot Pink with Glitter Tips


I feel like it’s been a while! Well it’s been one helluva week, I must say! My boyfriends birthday was on Thursday and I planned a surprise party for Saturday night which went off without a hitch! He really had no idea that it was coming so I succeeded! Woo! I’ve also been in training this week (and for the next couple of weeks coming up too) so I’m actually more exhausted than when I’m just doing my regular job. Oh the life of a public servant aye?

Any who, onto the pretty manicure which is just so pink and glittery and girlie it just makes my insides leap out and sing! Hehehe! I started off which two generous coats of Butter London Primrose Hill Picnic which is a brilliant hot pink that I got for valentines day this year and went over the tips with Sally Hansen Gem Crush in Lady Luck. This is a pretty compacted magenta glitter with some bigger silver hex glitters. It gives good coverage, as you can probably see on the accent nail.

I really love this look I’m always a fan of glitter and pink so together I’m pretty much in nail polish heaven. Ahhh some pleasures in life are so simple.



Quick ombré nails


The other day I wanted to try some of the new polishes I got. I alternated Sally Hansen Himalayan Blue with Sinful Colors Bianca then I used the same colours to create an ombré.

On the other hand I also tried my new Kleancolor polish Twinkly Love which has lots of heart shaped glitters in it. First of all.. The hearts did not want to get onto the brush let alone the nail and second the polish ended up being sooooo thick once I was able to dab the hearts on.



Ombré individual nails


I went with a ombré effect but not the sponging on the nail type – I went with the 5 colours across 5 nails type thing. Is that the best way to describe it?! It is my lazy Sunday manicure for my lazy Sunday afternoon tv session (teen mom is on while I post this).

Here are all the colours I used from thumb to pinky:

OPI Animal-istic
Revlon Jelly (210)
OPI La Paz-itively Hot
Sinful Colors Bianca
Sally Hansen First Blush



Ombré tips – blue and silver


What is it with me and tips this week?! I had to trim my nails because one of them split 😦 sad.. If anyone can recommend a really good nail strengthener that works well I’d really appreciate it!

Anyhow, I started off with two coats of china glaze shower together. Such a nice creamy formula! The blue is much brighter than the photo gives off. I then took a make up sponge and painted a line of opi designer.. De better! I then did the usual sponging onto the nail but just concentrated on the tip and did two nails like this. After the polish on the sponge stopped giving an opaque application I went back over the nails I had done but a little bit lower to give it that faded effect.

Pretty, pretty, pretty!



Dark ombré nails

Hello again,

For this look I did a simple three colour ombré. I find the trick when doing this sponge method is using colours that have a very high pigment. That doesn’t always mean expensive polishes are the best. Most likely you want to use a cream finish polish but trial and error is to be expected!

First start off with base coat. I use the Sally Hansen hard as nails hardener which is more of a treatment for nails that can also be used as a base coat. It’s pretty cheap – about 11 dollars from Farmers.

For this look I used three polishes. The black is just a cheap BYS polish in Black Satin, the purple is Flying Dragon by China Glaze and the blue is also by China Glaze in Shower Together. I got both of them off Trade Me which is where I get most of my nail polishes. I really can’t bear to pay $25 for one bottle of polish! Also, I find that BYS polishes are pretty good. From experience darker colours are really good and have high pigment but the lighter colours tend to streak.

What I love about this ombré effect is the amount of effort it looks like it takes. It doesn’t take a lot of effort BUT does take some patience and quick hands at the same time. What you need to do is get a cosmetic sponge (I got mine from the two dollar shop) and soak it in water for about 15 seconds, then squeeze the sponge so that it is just a little damp. This prevents the sponge drying up and breaking off into little fibres attached to your polish. Yuck! Then, stripe the polish on the sponge making sure it is nice and thick. I recommend keeping the bottle tops unscrewed while doung this mani. All you need to do now is sponge it right on the nail then wait for it to dry a bit and repeat. Depending on the desired effect and polishes used it may take 3 or 4 coats to get just right.

And as always finish with top coat.

This mani always gets me compliments. Not sure why people are always looking at my hands. Hmm..

This YouTube video was my inspiration.. 🙂