Four more lipsticks! 

Hi lovelies, 

I’ve got the next four lipsticks to share as part of my 2017 Lipstick Project. It’s dawned on me that the more I push back the lipsticks I know I won’t like – the more of them I’ll be stuck with at the end of this thing. 

We’re in the double digits now, with number ten being this Lime Crime lipstick in the shade Jinx. 

I find it looks super dark and has washed me out in this photo. Apologies, I’ve included a better picture from a previous time.. where it and I looked much better. 

I was gifted this lippy from a really good friend, who is also a lipstick addict. We went on a bit of a swap and she thought this shade would suit me – I think she wasn’t wrong (hi Jess!) Definitely one to keep! As with all Velvetines, it wears well almost all day, oily foods should be avoided to make sure you don’t become a hot mess. 

The next lipstick up on the rank is number 11, Sleek Mystic. This is one of my favourites and I absolutely thrashed it when I first got it, then this whole Nude lip trend came around and no one seems to be looking back. I’m a bit hesitant to wear this often because the lid has broken, so it’s hard to carry around with me without worrying constantly that it’s staining the inside of my handbag. In any case – I wore it this week and was reminded of how nice the Sleek Matte Lipstick formula is. 

Next up is a nude. Ha! I actually don’t have many nude lipsticks, because they’re harder for me to find. I bought this Colour Lock lipstick in the shade Devotion in a Boxing Day sale from the BH Cosmetics website and I am so impressed! The formula is so comfy, it didn’t budge all day and the tube makes this really satisfying clicking noise when you wind it up and down. A win from impulse sale shopping here! 

The last lipstick for this run of lippies is another new one that I impulsively bought because it has Hello Kitty packaging.. yep, I’m talking about the Colourpop collection! I made the excuse that I was buying presents for my friends for Christmas (Hi Jess! Hi Dee!) from colourpop to make an order and included a couple of extra goodies for me.. and this was one of them.

 I wasn’t super excited to try this. I just thought to myself when I opened it “why did you get this Kalli? It’s another pink. Another one!” But woah! I friggin love it. I forgot how good the lippie stix formula can be. It dragged a little on application but wore so nicely all day. 

This photo is from all day wear with moderate amounts of eating and drinking coffee and water. Love, love, love! 

Which is your fave out of the four? 

Love and glitter



Everyday lip Vs Everyday lip

It’s me again! Yup. This blogger. Blogging on the regular. What?! No way. 

I’m just back with a really quick post about my third lipstick for the 2017 lipstick project. I got a little bit of bright / crazy lipstick colour fatigue and needed to retreat back to a more neutral/nude colour. 

I should mention that one of the lipsticks that I wear all the time is Jeffree Star Androgyny. And by all the time, I mean almost every day since I bought the damn thing. On me, it’s basically a nude. So it’s my version of Velvet Teddy by MAC for the Kylie lovers out there. 

I’ve worn this particular lippy before, but usually shun it in place of my Androgyny. It’s Sting-Raye by Colourpop Cosmetics, which again is a liquid matte. Yep I do love them! 

I like colourpop lipstick because they are so frickin affordable at $6 each but I do have a tendency to load up on the products and wear them once or twice and then never again. One of the things that annoys me about them is that the labels wear off so easily. I’ve seen that you can paint over it with clear polish and it’ll keep it nice and whole, but that sounds like effort and actually, when I think hard enough about it – I’m not too precious about the damn things 

For a quick comparison, here’s a quick side by side swatch of the two, the Jeffree Star is on the left, colourpop on the right. You can see the colourpop is a bit darker where the JSC is pinker – but overall, we are in the same colour zone. No surprises that I’m going to keep this one! 

What’s your go-to everyday lipstick?

Love and glitter! 


Chibi AKA the cutest polish ever 

Hey polish people! 

Soooooo… I have a very, very, extremely cute nail polish to share with you all today. With the month of May drawing to a close, that also means the end of NZ indie polish month so will have a few posts to share over the last few days! 

I picked up a couple of Nail Juice little juicies in a wee clearance sale Steph had and Chibi is one of them. From the Sailor Moon inspired collection, this polish is just way too cute. Look at it! Just all matte glitter in the cutest colour combination ever.. Ahhhh! 

I layered one coat over two coats of OPI You’re Such A Budapest and sealed it all in with Jordana Quick Shine top coat to gloss it up. The glitter isn’t raised so one coat of top coat is enough to make it smooth and deliciously shiny. 

You can find Nail Juice polishes here to buy online, support local brands and buy NZ made! 

Love and glitter 



MAC Flat Out Fabulous

Hey kids

So here it is, my first non nail polish related post to kick off my new format, there are still are few things to fix but I’m getting there slowly. I am still yet to change the name of my Facebook page, there was a hoop to jump and there was something about requesting documentation of the name change and I just put it in the “too hard” basket for now. If anyone knows the trick to changing the name for a Facebook page, please let me know! 
I’ve just got a swatch of one of my favourite lipsticks to share with you today. You provably guessed from the blog post title that it’s a MAC one called Flat Out Fabulous. 
My cousin very nicely picked this up for me when she last went overseas, thank you duty free! New Zealand is a terrible place to be a make up addict because everything is so expensive! A MAC lipstick retails for $40 at least here! I’m yet to try using youshop but soon.. Soon.. Hello birthday blowout. 
Flat Out Fabulous is a bright plum slash pink in a matte finish. It applies typically like a matte lippy would, read: there is some dragging on the lips as expected but the colour payoff is fantastic. On my fairer skinned friends it comes off as a more Fuschia toned colour but on me it’s very traditionally hot pink – which I like. It’s extremely wearable (but that’s coming from the girl who would wear black lipstick to the office) and withstands eating and drinking quite well, I would find that I don’t need to reapply until I have my afternoon smoko break. I also find that you don’t get as much of the lipstick on the chin with this as you would with say MAC Diva (which is my all time favourite MAC lipstick).
Love and glitter! 

Black and white matte glitter goodness

Oh, hi there!

I’ve got another pretty swatch for your viewing today! This is a polish that I got in a destash not too long ago. I’m currently on a bit of a no-buy-ban (saving to go to on holiday to Europe next year) so it’s a very good excuse to go and use my untrieds! So one of the first ones up is this polish by Nubar called Rock Candy Crush which is a black and white tiny glitter combo. Each colour of the glitter is the same size and shape, traditional small hex glitter, the white being a little smaller than the black.

I started off with two coats of Essie Lights as my undies. Can I just say that I love the newer Essie brushes! How much easier would life be if all polish had that type of brush! The colour is amazing too, I got this for my birthday last year and the bottle is about a quarter empty now – which is a lot for a polish addict! There are very few polishes you call upon on a regular basis!

I layered one coat of Nubar Rock Candy Crush over Lights and it turned out like a match made in heaven really! I was a bit worried that the Nubar glitter might be too densely packed to look good layered but it’s not, it just looks that way in the bottle. The white glitter goes a little bit translucent so if you’re looking for that real solid black and white matte glitter combo then this might not be for you. I topped it off with a layer of top coat and voila! Yay black, pink and white combo!



Kesha Crazy Kids Manicure


A wee while ago I watched a YouTube tutorial by HelloMaphie for nails inspired by the music video for the Kesha song Crazy Kids. I myself have never heard or seen the video but I liked the nail look when I saw it.

I followed the tutorial video pretty much to the letter (linked above) except for the pearls on the embellished nail, I didn’t have the patience to lay it out into a heart shape so I just placed random rhinestones all over the nail then put caviar beads over the rest of the nail.



Swatch: OPI Alcatraz Rocks


So, at the moment around a few different pharmacies in New Zealand they’re having a promo for opi polishes, buy 1 get 1 free. This coincided with the release of the new San Fran collection. I managed to find incognito in sausalito but I went on a mission to find Alcatraz Rocks. I went to SEVEN different stores and all of them either sold out or hadn’t even gotten it in yet. Finally, last week (when I was meant to be on a buying ban I might add..) I went into the pharmacy nearest to me just for a squiz.. And they had it!

Because it was such an effort to find, I was really worried that this polish was going to disappoint me because I had given it so much build up in my mind. The only thing that disappoints me about this polish is that it doesn’t photograph to reflect the amazingness that it actually is. It really does not do it justice. I used two coats of this baby over a base coat and of course no top coat needed. Next must have from this collection.. Wharf, wharf wharf. I must say that OPI are really kicking butt every time they release new liquid sand polishes, they’ve come a long way from the Mariah Carey collection.

Which polishes from the San Fran collection are you loving?



Swatch: China Glaze Whirled Away


I don’t have many China Glaze polishes in my stash but this one I picked up recently in a big group online order from head2toe beauty. Man that site us cheap! I also got my very first bottle of Seche Vite and I must say.. That stuff stinks!! It smells like turps! But.. It does have great drying and gloss power so I will battle through.

Anyway, the polish I used is called Whirled Away and is from the Cirque Du Soleil collection. I’m a sucker for glitter and I had yet to have anything with the thin bar shaped glitter. I was really drawn to how monochrome this is and I decided to layer it over a pink by Revlon called Cupid. Which, I would describe as a cupcake pink – does that even make sense?

I like how this looks over Cupid. It probably even looks better than I had hoped for! I’m stuck on what other colours might look good – I was thinking OPI You’re Such A Budapest might be a good match? I had a bit if a battle with the large white glitter but that was to be expected. I ended up pulling them out and placing them on one by one.

I’m a bit back logged on posts so I might even post again later tonight!



OPI Liquid Sand Vesper Swatch


Well there was another one of those clearance cosmetic sales in Wellington this week.. Yeeeaahhhhh… My wallet is a bit light now. I got some really good staples like OPI Samoan Sand though! All together I picked up 6 full size polishes and a set of four minis from the Kardashian line by Nicole by OPI. By far not as much damage as last time (which was 12 full size polishes..)

Originally I was wanting to get new liquid sand polishes from the Bond Girls collection in Solitaire and Tiffany Case but they sold out. Ah boo! I did however manage to pick up the colour Vesper, in the bottle it looks brown and in swatches online it looks black. After one coat it looks purple and then after two it turns into that almost black colour.

At first I didn’t like it and immediately thought of destashing it but once it fully dried it grew on me. I hardly wear plain manicures but I think this would look good as a base with a gloss French tip? I tried it out with top coat and I think it looks a lot better as sand texture.




Matte/Gloss French Manicure


Well just a very quick rush job to show you today before I head out for work!

I used BYS Black Satin a rimmel matte top coat and a regular top coat for this manicure. It was seriously so easy! It’s a very last minute manicure (as you might be able to tell from the sides..) but it looks great!