Hot Pink with Glitter Tips


I feel like it’s been a while! Well it’s been one helluva week, I must say! My boyfriends birthday was on Thursday and I planned a surprise party for Saturday night which went off without a hitch! He really had no idea that it was coming so I succeeded! Woo! I’ve also been in training this week (and for the next couple of weeks coming up too) so I’m actually more exhausted than when I’m just doing my regular job. Oh the life of a public servant aye?

Any who, onto the pretty manicure which is just so pink and glittery and girlie it just makes my insides leap out and sing! Hehehe! I started off which two generous coats of Butter London Primrose Hill Picnic which is a brilliant hot pink that I got for valentines day this year and went over the tips with Sally Hansen Gem Crush in Lady Luck. This is a pretty compacted magenta glitter with some bigger silver hex glitters. It gives good coverage, as you can probably see on the accent nail.

I really love this look I’m always a fan of glitter and pink so together I’m pretty much in nail polish heaven. Ahhh some pleasures in life are so simple.




Swatch: OPI Suzi’s Hungary Again


Just a quiet Saturday night in for me I’m afraid. Well, actually it’s refreshingly relaxing. That’s what weekends are actually for, am I right?! As much as I like going out and socialising (as we call it these days) I love just blobbing at home and catching up on the blogs etcetera.

Anyhow, as you may know, I purchased quite a few OPI polishes from the Euro Centrale collection recently. I decided to swatch Suzi’s Hungary Again which is a pretty medium pink with a tiny bit of shimmer in it. In the bottle you can see the shimmer but on the nail (and might I add, in photos of the bottle) you can’t really see it that much. I really like this pink! It’s perfect for spring.

The formula is great and pretty much what you would expect. Two coats and top coat is what you see here. Speaking of which I really need a new top coat! I’m hoping to get my hands on some Seche Vite one of these days. Also, can you tell that I tried squaring off my nail tips? I’m not sure on this shape yet.. I’ve always been such a fan of a really rounded tip!



Swatches: I Theodora You and Lights of Emerald City


I couldn’t help myself and removed my skeleton mani to swatch some of my new polishes from my haul yesterday. I tried out two of the polishes I got from the Great and Powerful Oz collection.

I used three coats of I Theodora You which is a very girlie, pretty, pale pink. It’s opaque in three coats but I actually would go for four just for peace of mind if I was wearing it on its own. I really like this polish and I’m glad I got it! It seems ideal for jelly sandwiches but also has great build ability.

Over the top I used Lights of Emerald City. When I heard there was going to be a wizard of Oz type collection I was really expecting greens, reds, yellows.. Like most people were really!! But after seeing the trailer and sneak peeks for this movie I understand where the collection was going. I love how cute and romantic this polish is and it’s the first polish I have that has square glitter, so I was very excited about that. I did have to do some dabbing for the square pieces but that’s to be expected.

Well, that’s all for today! Just a quick swatcharoonie share before I have a wee nap then go to hot yoga – which BTW is the best method of exercise!

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