Étude House Gradation Nails


So here we have one of the gifts that I got from my friends who returned from their Asia travels recently. I already had two Étude House polishes in my collection – which I love – so when they said they were going to South Korea I immediately asked them to get me some polishes. They took photos of the store as well.. So cute! They look like little pink glittery houses!

Any who, onto this polish set. The colour palette is called Kiss of Fire. It comes with three little bottles of polish. The base colour is a sheer, shimmery pink that you put on the whole nail. I used two coats but mainly because I have a little bit of staining from a previous blue polish. The second polish which layers on the top half of the nail is a glittery pink fine polish which is very similar to OPI Teenage dream but without the chunky glitter. The third polish is a large chunky pink hexagon glitter that goes on the very tips of the nail. I think next time I will pack the large glitter on a bit more. Overall I’m loving this set! It’s so delicate and pretty.. I’m considering leaving this mani on until valentines day! I also think that this mani is very suitable for a bride too, which is handy since the giver of this gift is getting married soon and has asked me to do her nails for the wedding! Eek!






Advent calendar challenge day 17: inspired by a Christmas movie


Wow it’s already day 17! December is just flying by.. Before you know it it’s going to be January. Blink and you’ll miss it! This year has gone so fast! Only five more working days of the year.

Today’s mani is inspired by my favourite Christmas movie Love Actually. When I watch this movie it instantly makes it feel like Christmas! I knew that the only way to make it work would be to write the title on my nails. I used the cover of the DVD as inspiration for this look.

What’s your favourite Christmas movie?



Advent calendar challenge day 11: gifts


Today’s challenge is gifts! I pretty much knew off the bat that I was going go to with some sort of bow for this challenge and after looking around online I really liked this design.

I started off with two coats of Revlon Temptress which I incidentally bought after my self proclaimed ban on buying polish (harder than I thought..) and used a white striper to create the lines to represent string and the bow on one accent nail.