Belated Christmas Nail Art

Merry Christmas two days ago!

Sorry I’m a bit late with the Christmas nails but you know how the festive season is.. Crazy busy and you get distracted by all the lights and decorations hehehe! I hope you all had a great Christmas!

I did some nail art for my friend on Christmas Eve to get right into the festivities and they turned out great!

I used a plain black creme base colour on the pinky then layered NYX Dorothy and OPI Fresh Frog of Bel Air over the top, for the Rudolph nail I used two coats of OPI Samoan Sand then OPI Wooden Shoe Like To Know for the head and a dotting tool with China Glaze Just Be-Claws for the nose and a black striper for the antlers. The Santa suit is China Glaze Hey Sailor (one of my favourite red cremes) then black, white and gold stripers. Lastly the Santa hat is OPI Samoan Sand, CG Hey Sailor and a white creme polish.

I think they turned out so great! My fave is Rudolph but which one is your favourite?



Snowman Nails


Geez, Christmas is sooooo close! I am still on the hunt for one more present.. Ugh! Hopefully I can suss that out soon.

Anyway, I have a really pretty and cute manicure to share with you for Christmas today. I used two coats of Essie Smooth Sailing and layered Ciate Confetti over the top. I then used a dotting tool to make the snowman head, eyes and nose then a black striper to make the hat. It was a really easy manicure to do and I think it looks really great. I saw the design on Concrete and Nail Polish and thought it looked really great!

I have got the ciate advent calendar this year but I haven’t had a chance to use any of the polishes! This is the first one I’ve tried (apart from the base coat). Hopefully I’ll be able to try out more of the polishes soon!

Are you ready for Christmas?


Christmas Sweater Inspired Nails

Happy holidays!

I finally had time to try (read : attempt) Christmas nails again since it’s very nearly Christmas! Last year I did a nail art challenge and I was doing my nails every day so it’s a big contrast this year.

I started off with a red base colour on all of my nails and used a white striper and gold polish to create various sweater-esque designs on my nails. I’m not too happy with the snowflake on my ring finger or the chevron on my middle finger but oh well! I gave it a try!



Advent calendar challenge day 21: water marble


Disclaimer: this is my first water marble attempt! I’ve never done water marble before. It’s another one of those things that I put into the “too hard” basket. But it’s part of the challenge so I had to give it a chance. I think with more practise I will get better at it – it didn’t turn out too bad. My main annoyance with this method is the messiness and variations of what can go wrong. I’ve heard that you need to use room temperature water but the water I used was quite cold because it was a cold day today in Wellington. It took me a few attempts at getting the polish to spread out nicely. I used red, green and gold, but the gold didn’t show up as much as I would have liked.



Advent calendar challenge day 15: something cozy


Something cozy… Hmm… It’s hard to paint my bed on my nails! I decided on gingerbread men inspired nails because I love the smell of gingerbread men cooking, it’s very COZY??

I used two coats of A Taupe The Space Needle by OPI then created white tips and used a red striper for that Christmassy look. I created the buttons with a toothpick and my bys black satin polish. I think it looks awesome! I had to tell my boyfriend to try not to nibble at my nails. Teehee!



Advent calendar challenge day 11: gifts


Today’s challenge is gifts! I pretty much knew off the bat that I was going go to with some sort of bow for this challenge and after looking around online I really liked this design.

I started off with two coats of Revlon Temptress which I incidentally bought after my self proclaimed ban on buying polish (harder than I thought..) and used a white striper to create the lines to represent string and the bow on one accent nail.



Advent calendar challenge day 10: lights


Alrighty let’s go double digits! Woo! So day 10 is lights which is a fairly easy theme. I suppose most people will be going with fairy lights for this challenge but I’ll be interested to see how they all turn out.

I started off with a coat of Sally Hansen White On then used Ciate Angel Wings over top. I used a striper and toothpick to create the string lights and stuck rhinestones on whole the polish was still wet. I screwed up the colour sequence a little but I still think it looks festive!


Advent calendar challenge day 9: pine


Well today’s challenge was a lot better than yesterday! Woo! When I think pine, I think of pinecones automatically but I didn’t have the right colours for the pine cone look I wanted so I just went with pine garlands instead. It was hard to make it look like branches but after I added the berries/ baubles I think it actually turned out great.

Here are the polishes I used:
Revlon Temptress
Sinful Colors Show Me The Way
BYS Matte Mint Green
OPI Animal-istic