Glitter Gradient Tips


I’m still trying out some of the polishes I got for my birthday and it’s been over two weeks?! And I call myself a nail polish addict..?! Hahaha!

I tried out Covergirl Out Of The Blue, which is like a cobalt blue. The polish application was fine – nothing to write home about or complain about really. I think I quite like these Covergirl polishes!

I decided to create a gradient on the tips with a glitter polish by BYS called starlette. I like the glitter gradient look because it is so easy to do and looks great.




Pre-Spring challenge day 3: green


Ahhhh sorry about three posts in one day! Need to catch up as you may know.. So, day three is green themed! I don’t have many green polishes to choose from but I remember buying this when I was doing the Christmas challenge because I realised I didn’t have any green. I started off with two coats of Revlon Emerald and layered THREE coats of OPI Fresh Frog From Bel Air. I did one accent nail with polka dots using BYS Matte Mint Green but since I went over it all with top coat.. The matte, not so much!



50 (ish..) followers giveaway!


It’s here! My wee giveaway! It was intended to celebrate my 50th follower but I cannot read the follower thingy right and I totally missed that.. Oops! Oh well, I still want to run a giveaway just because! It can be my almost 100 followers giveaway – It’s nothing too special! The prizes are:

– Printed neon zebra scarf
– iPhone. 4/4s keyboard case
– BYS “Isn’t she lovely” polish
– BYS “buried treasure” polish
– X & D Nail foils

One winner will get all of it!! I had to use the pink polish to swatch for the photo but otherwise they are full! I bought the gold for the advent calendar challenge and i love it so I decided to get one to giveaway too – it’s a one coater. Enter via the raffle copter link 🙂 the giveaway will run for two weeks and FYI I bought all the prizes myself..






Marching band inspired nails


I feel like it has been so long since I last posted! I actually got withdrawal symptoms.. I missed updating my blog! It’s become my baby.. 🙂 I actually have 3 posts to share as of now but I will spread them out over the weekend. We have a long weekend in Wellington due to Wellington Anniversary Day so that’s pretty awesome! A whole other day to do my nails!

So I saw a design on Julie G’s YouTube channel for nutcracker nails and I thought that these were very marching band looking! I twisted it up a little to make it look more like I wanted it to in my mind. Basically start off with a red base and draw three lines and add dots at either end in gold or yellow. I used my Zoya Sooki (obsessed with this) and my BYS Buried Treasure.

I love them! They’re really cute and eye catching. They remind me of that Gwen Stefani song “Hollaback Girl”! I’m actually singing it right now.. “That sh*t is bananas.. B A N A N A S!”

Oh and BTW one of my posts this weekend will be my giveaway! Yay!



Purple and black bubble tip manicure


Happy Sunday everybody! I’ve had the most relaxing weekend just doing NOTHING which is so great! Sometimes it’s just good to blob out, right?

So I wanted to use one of the new Kleancolor polishes I got last weekend. I used one called Iridescent Fuchsia. The polish was great – you might even get away with one coat! It wasn’t streaky or gluggy, very ideal. I used my BYS black satin polish to do the tips and then used a dotting tool to make the tips like… Bubbly? I can’t really explain it!! I like the effect but I think it would look better with more contrasting colours because the purple and black are so dark you can hardly see it. Also please excuse the messy cuticles.. It’s lazy Sunday!!



Also an update regarding my pending giveaway! I got one of the prizes today! Yaaaaay!! It’s a very pretty scarf I got for myself but they had another one at the store and I just thought it was so awesome that I wanted to get one for the giveaway. It’s a neon pink/orange colour with zebras printed all over it. Not zebra print! Actual zebra animals.. It looks soooooo cool! I will be getting more prizes (in the form of BYS polishes) next weekend. In the meantime.. Here’s the scarf:



Twinkle twinkle little starlette


Just a simple post today. I got a new bys polish on the weekend called starlette which is a pretty silver glitter. I didn’t actually have a silver glitter so this was a good choice by my little bro! I’ve swatched it over my favourite pink OPI that’s hot! Pink.

Also, this is my 100th post! What a milestone!




Cloud inspired nails


I decided to go with a cloud type nail design today. It was actually a lot easier than I thought it would be! I saw this design online a while back and put it in the “too hard” basket for some reason.

I started off with two coats of an Orly polish that I don’t know the name of. It’s really old so I don’t even know if they still make it and the label peeled off the bottom. I then used BYS Matte Mint Green (my go to polish these days) to create the second layer. I did three strokes essentially, making each stroke shorter than the last. Lastly I used Shower Together by China Glaze to make the same effect on top of the green.




Purple polka dot and lace nails


I wanted to try out another one of my new purchases Orly’s Purple Pleather. I have to say the formula is great, you could get away with 1 coat but I used two. It dries like a matte finish but not quite – it really does look like pleather in finish! Funny that.. The pics below also include a swatch of Purple Pleather by itself with no top coat.

Any who. I started with two coats of purple then used bys black satin to create a curve down the middle of my nails. I didn’t want to do this design on every nail – mostly because I’m getting polka dot withdrawals. I then used a small paint brush to create the lace edge and redefined the inside of the lace using purple pleather again and a dotting tool. I then used the small paint brush again and OPI designer.. De better! to create stitches near the edge of the lace in the black.

I went with a plain black nail for my middle finger (should be good to flip the bird.. Kidding!) and used the black to create polka dots on the other nails. As always, slashings of top coat used.

I think it turned out great! I luuuuurve it lots. I was largely inspired by THIS YouTube video.

Afterword: I couldn't leave the plain black nail alone! I went over it with a coat of OPI teenage dream and made black polka dots. Glittttttterrrrr makes me feel good.




Polka dot tips


First of all.. I am hiding my pinky because the nail broke 😦 I’m about to take this Mani off and cut ALL my nails down. Yup. Short neat nails. What is it?! A netball game?!

Anyway.. I wanted to do another mani with tips and you know how I love polka dots! I think this is pretty self explanatory so here is a list of colours used:

BYS black satin
Orly French tip pointe Blanche
OPI Tasmanian devil made me do it
BYS Matte mint green
BYS reign supreme
BYS neon blue striper