Leppy chevvy nail art

Oh hello lovelies!

I actually have some pretty fierce nail art to share with you in this post. I know it’s been a little while, but you know how I love leopard print, it’s actually really simple (because any mistakes can be forgiven easily).

I saw this design on All Nails Everything’s Instagram a couple of weeks ago and I immediately thought “I NEED TO DO THIS” since chevron and leopard are my go to designs! How did I not think of this sooner?!

I used two coats of Beige by Picture Polish (yay! Independent brands!) as the base colour and then used a gold BYS polish called Buried Treasure for the leopard spots. I don’t have any striping tape (and I’ve never used it.. Too scared!) so I used the polish for the gold in the chevron too. The original design was matte but I made mine glossy. I haven’t actually had matte nails in a really long time.. Maybe it’s time for a revisit! I usually go with glossy because fast dry top coat.. Hello, ain’t nobody got time to wait for nail polish to naturally dry..



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Pretty Shabby Chic Nails


Well happy Saturday to you all! I have tried to be lazy today but that just was never going to happen.. I went shopping (for birthday presents) and bought a whole bunch of new clothes and Max Factor polishes.

The other day I wanted to revisit the whole vintage floral nail art look on a base colour that I recently got, OPI gargantuan green grape. I always love the way this type of manicure looks and it is actually so easy to do! I guess once you’ve done it, every time you revisit it gets easier to do? What are your favourite colour combinations for this kind of manicure?



Pink Plaid/Argyle Nail Art


I’m a big fan of the movie Mean Girls and on Wednesdays at work we (me and my friend) wear pink. I wore this pink manicure on Wednesday and just wanted to share it with you. I’ve done a look like this before but in blue and I think I much prefer it in pink.. But it’s no secret that I love my pink polishes.

I used OPI That’s Hot! Pink as the base colour which is one of my all time favourite polishes ever.


Corset Nail Art


What a week/end! Sigh. I am absolutely exhausted.. I did overtime on Saturday and am doing a 12 hour day tomorrow as well. It’s going to be a looooong day. Oh well, it must be done! I’m trying to save for a trip to Rarotonga later in the year.

Anywho, I tried out this really easy corset nail art look this week and I wanted to share it with all of you. I am usually pretty nervous to polish my nails with black polish just due to staining but this will be totally worth it. I used BYS Black Satin as the base colour then used a stripe of China Glaze Hey Sailor. I then used a silver polish (but you could use white) and did four small dots on either side of the red stripe then used a striper to create the laces in black.

I think it looks really great! This could easily be a great accent nail look as well.

I hope you all had great week/ends. My hay fever has been wreaking havoc with my sinuses today.. So horrid ūüė¶ I just can’t even get comfy, my eyes and throat are so itchy. I had a hay fever pill and some sudafed and it didn’t work either. If anyone has any tips for me I would pretty much be willing to try anything!!



Dark skittle style nails


I’m trying to get out a few blog posts now before I go away on Wednesday (my birthday!) for the rest of the week.

Continuing on with the dark nails today. I think because the weather is getting colder I’m using darker colours as a blanket. I’m sure I will get sick of it and divert back to cute and bright colours soon.

I used different colours on each nail. I just realised I used mostly OPI polishes! I used My Vampire Is Buff, Eurso Euro, Live And Let Die, a white striper and BYS Starlette. I was inspired by a video on YouTube by XoJahtna where she had a cool nail design on her nails in her Henna Tattoo video. I tried winging it and I’m not too disappointed with the result! I think I need to work on the cross a bit because it’s a bit off centre.



Pretty doily nails


I hope you’ve all had a great week and an even better weekend. I am beat! Cannot wait to go to bed super early tonight..!

I was inspired by a mani that I saw on Instagram/Facebook by made_by_mira. I almost gasped when I saw it, I just thought it was freakin adorable.

I re-used my plain You’re Such A Budapest manicure and created the corner cloud-type tips on alternating nails and painting the little flowers. I think it looks great and I got a lot of compliments about it too.

Anyhow, have a lovely Sunday and I will aim for at least two posts per week as opposed to three (plus, check out my blog name on the photos! Woo!)



Kawaii Donut Nail Art


Well today’s nail art manicure is my attempt at a tutorial I saw on YouTube by TotallyCoolNails for cute donuts! I’m pretty sure that kawaii means cute in Japanese but I might be wrong.. Anyhow I did these nails when I got home and right now as I write this I’m actually comfy in bed and cannot be bothered checking the colours that I used so I will go from memory.. Forgive me if they’re wrong!! I used a sinful Colors polish for the brown / tan base and then used a range of colourful polishes for the icing on the donuts. The light blue is a Cairuo polish that I got from Japan City on Cuba Street which doesn’t have a name, it has a number instead. The pink is an √©tude house polish which was a gift from a friend and it’s called powerful peach. The yellow is Ciate and I believe it’s called big yellow taxi and the purple on my pinky is a butter London polish I got for valentines day (might be Keeker?) and I used a white and black for the accents/ little faces.

I actually like how these nails turned out. I think I’ll give the yellow and purple a miss and stick with pink and pastel blue next time though.

Hehe the donuts remind me of a Simpsons episode (the one where it’s heaps of short stories of many residents of Springfield) when police chief Wiggum is crossing the road with a box of donuts singing “donuts, I got donuts, I got.. Hey, I know you!” Hehehe! I love the Simpsons.



Advent calendar challenge day 17: inspired by a Christmas movie


Wow it’s already day 17! December is just flying by.. Before you know it it’s going to be January. Blink and you’ll miss it! This year has gone so fast! Only five more working days of the year.

Today’s mani is inspired by my favourite Christmas movie Love Actually. When I watch this movie it instantly makes it feel like Christmas! I knew that the only way to make it work would be to write the title on my nails. I used the cover of the DVD as inspiration for this look.

What’s your favourite Christmas movie?