Highlighter: help needed! 

Hi lovelies,

I’ve another Christmas gift to share with you! I was very lucky at Christmas and got lots of pretty things. I will be surprised if I get as lucky this year! 

My partner went to Mecca Cosmetica on his own accord (no hints from me) and got me this cream highlighter. His logic was that with highlighter, it shouldn’t really matter what your skin tone or colour is – it will probably look good. With that in mind, I swatched it and it comes up brilliantly! 

Putting it on my face over make up however, is a whole other ball game. It’s a little sticky to touch and hard to blend – I’m not sure if it’s because when I’ve used this I’ve been getting ready at the gym – where it’s very hot and humid or if I am just a noob but I feel like it drags or clumps up a little bit. After a few goes at patting it on, I think I got okay coverage. It shows up in the photo mostly on my cupids bow – please excuse the terrible gym lighting 😐

Any tips for using a cream highlighter? Do I need a sponge instead of fingers? Help! 

Love and Glitter 



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