5, 6, 7.. Not 8. 

Hey team! 

My lipstick challenge is going really well, but given that it’s only the first week – that’s to be expected. 

I have my 5th, 6th and 7th lipsticks to share with y’all today 🙂 

The 5th one was a pinky Nude colour by Dior that I got for my birthday from my bestie a couple of years ago. I wore it for my birthday that year and then never again! I remember that when I got it, it had a strong perfumed smell. Lots of higher end make up has that really strong floral-perfume type smell. I’m glad to say that the smell has worn off over the years so it’s much more pleasant to wear! 

I wore this for my first day back at work for the year, and it did wear off rather quickly. Also, second not matte lipstick! Go me!

The sixth lippy was MAC Russian Red. The first of many MAC to grace my lips this year! I don’t know why I have this colour – it is so not the right red for me. I find it’s a little dull on me? When it comes to red lipstick, I always gravitate towards Red Velvet by Lime Crime – which I’ve actually run out of and refuse to re-purchase.. flaw in plan. 

In any case, Russian Red is meant to be matte but I find it transfers on everything. 

Maybe I’m just trying to find and excuse to chuck this one out, I dunno it’s just not my cup of tea! Or coffee in this case. I actually did gift this to a friend who mentioned it was their fave red and they had run out. Why not? I wasn’t loving it enough, now it has a mama that will use it all the time! 

My 7th lipstick was this Wet N Wild lipstick I picked up on my travels to America last year. The colour is called Spiked with Rum. I’ve worn it once before and went with it the other day because I had to take a new driver license photo, so something a little more neutral and timeless would be preferred. I’ll keep this one, it’s really nice! 

Which is your fave out of the 3?

Love and Glitter 



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