Not matte for once!

Hi lovelies 

This lipstick challenge has me blogging on the super regular BUT given that tomorrow I’m back to work for the year, that’s probably going change things. Take that as a pre-warning! 

I’m easing out of holiday mode and back into my regular routine so this morning I had to get ready at the gym. Which is usually fine – except that I forgot setting powder which threw me off. Plus, it’s impossible to take a good photo at the gym, because the lighting is horrendous and there’s always company around so I foresee that as a possible future limitation on my blogging of this project.

Gym lighting – argh terrible!

Home lighting – ahh much better

In any case, I had prepared my make up bag with a couple lipsticks for the day, one was Lime Crime Centrifuschia which is the one I ended up going with. My logic was that I knew it was a creme finish lipstick and I wasn’t spending the day with my partner so the risk of transfer via kissing would be low. 

It seems I forgot about eating. The lipstick wore off after a coffee and some lunch (plus a few beers, okay, you got me there) but the colour is gorgeous, but will I wear this again? Probably not if I can rely on my Lime Crime Pink Velvet which doesn’t transfer. Plus if this is from their 6th anniversary and this is the first time I’ve used it – do I really need it? 

What’s your fave pink lipstick? 

Love and glitter 



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