Everyday lip Vs Everyday lip

It’s me again! Yup. This blogger. Blogging on the regular. What?! No way. 

I’m just back with a really quick post about my third lipstick for the 2017 lipstick project. I got a little bit of bright / crazy lipstick colour fatigue and needed to retreat back to a more neutral/nude colour. 

I should mention that one of the lipsticks that I wear all the time is Jeffree Star Androgyny. And by all the time, I mean almost every day since I bought the damn thing. On me, it’s basically a nude. So it’s my version of Velvet Teddy by MAC for the Kylie lovers out there. 

I’ve worn this particular lippy before, but usually shun it in place of my Androgyny. It’s Sting-Raye by Colourpop Cosmetics, which again is a liquid matte. Yep I do love them! 

I like colourpop lipstick because they are so frickin affordable at $6 each but I do have a tendency to load up on the products and wear them once or twice and then never again. One of the things that annoys me about them is that the labels wear off so easily. I’ve seen that you can paint over it with clear polish and it’ll keep it nice and whole, but that sounds like effort and actually, when I think hard enough about it – I’m not too precious about the damn things 

For a quick comparison, here’s a quick side by side swatch of the two, the Jeffree Star is on the left, colourpop on the right. You can see the colourpop is a bit darker where the JSC is pinker – but overall, we are in the same colour zone. No surprises that I’m going to keep this one! 

What’s your go-to everyday lipstick?

Love and glitter! 



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