Say hi to #2017LipstickProject

Hi there make up lovers,

Happy 2017! Another year has gone by. Unsurprisingly, not many of my resolutions from last year got ticked off. I was rather ambitious though! The main one was travel and I got to travel around America and new parts of Australia, so that goal was pretty well ticked off. This year my main goal is to finally sit my restricted. Before you judge hey, city kids don’t need to learn how to drive.. Everything was walking distance! 

One of my resolutions for 2017 is to use ALL the lipstick I own. I counted 119 lipsticks and I reckon over half of them I haven’t ever opened – let alone used. 

I’ve called this the 2017 lipstick project (hashtag and all!) and have been posting on my Instagram for the last two days but it’ll probably scale back soon, since I don’t have 365 lipsticks anyway, there’s no need to do it everyday. 

The first day I wore a Stila liquid lipstick in a matte finish called Bella. Woah, it was super bright! I didn’t expect it to be so neon, in the tube it looks similar to pink velvet by lime crime but it came out with a way bluer undertone. My partner was warned before I turned around to show him how bright it was and he still was taken by surprise. The photo makes it appear less bright than it really is in real life! I’ve decided this one is going to get given to a friend with a fairer, maybe slightly olive skin tone. 

Lipstick 2 was an LA Girl liquid matte (I love liquid matte..) in Blackcurrent. It applied pretty patchy, I had to go back and touch it up after this photo after seeing all the gaps come up. It wore fine, until I wanted to eat or drink and then it wore horribly! The lipstick crumbled – like, literally crumbled! In anticipation of hating a lipstick I’ve chosen for the day, I travel around with make up wipes in my bag so I did wipe this off during lunch and didn’t bother reapplying. Have discovered this one is one for the rubbish bin! I have at least one more of the LA girl liquid matte lipsticks so I’m not looking forward to wearing that one 

Have you got lots of lipstick that goes unloved? Join me and use the hashtag #2017lipstickproject on Instagram so I can see! Check out my Instagram here 

Love and glitter (and lots of lipstick)



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