Nerdy Glitter and Purple Bases 

Hiiiii pretty peeps! 

Can I just take a second to say – thank goodness it’s Friday! Well in New Zealand it’s Friday anyway. Also, any readers in the Florida/Georgia/Carolinas area whether reading now or later – my thoughts are with you all during Hurricane Matthew. I have a really good friend who just moved from Orlando to Deltona and she’s sent through photos of housing being boarded up, empty shelves at grocery stores.. Crazy how social media let’s us be so close to every moment lived by others – whether they’re good, bad or scary as heck. 💖

Today I’m posting about a manicure that I’ve had on all week! It’s stuck with me since Monday and even today it’s just slightly chipped on one nail only and some light tip wear. Very impressed! I used a base colour of LA Colors Color Last in Everlasting and Doctor Lacquer in Refraction over the top.

I don’t know about y’all, but I just adore the cute look it has! I got slightly offended when someone on Facebook asked me if they were Jamberry stickers (seriously, no) but I suppose that could be construed as a compliment! 

I absolutely love the matte glitter combo by Doctor Lacquer, and the names and other combos available from them are just so fun! What’s your fave indie polish brand? 

Love and glitter 💖



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