Blue petal overlap tips 


It’s nail day! Yay! I still absolutely love nail art and nail polish and unlike make up its totally a skill that isn’t so easily replicated and picked up. Not saying that make up is easy – just more people slay at their own brows and contour than epic nail art! Heck, I ain’t even that good! 

Anyhow, for these nails I went with all OPI products – I didn’t intend for it to be that way, it just ended up being the right shades of blue! I started with a base colour of Blue Chips (pretty sure this was limited edition for some Texas Holdem tournament in Vegas ages ago) over top of Can’t Find My Czechbook, with the two shades You’re Such A Budapest and Dating A Royal on the tips. 

I’ve done this in purple tones before too, what other colours do you think it will suit? 

Love and glitter 


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