Nails fit for a princess 

Hello, hello, hello! 

Who am I?! Ru Paul with the hello three times much! Guuuuurl. We talking princesses today – not queens! 

Anyway. So, nails fit for a princess. I’m not much of a princess in the sense that I like to get my hands dirty, do shit myself (that’s how you know it’s done right, duh) and I’ll be damned if some dude come by on a stallion and “save” my ass. BUT. Since when does being a princess mean you’re not any of the above? Or if you are then – screw it! Be you! I guess what I’m trying to say is.. You don’t have to be a girlie girl to be a princess and you don’t have to be a girlie girl to like my nails. 

I started off with two coats of OPI I Theodora You (from the Great Wizard of Oz collection) and then added my ALL TIME FAVOURITE NAIL POLISH EVER Teenage Dream by OPI (from the Katy Perry collection) on the tips for a gradient. 

These nails are so damn cute, I got a comment from a cashier on the first day I had them. I love being able to say I do my nails myself – people always think that they’re gels! If only my nails were a wee bit stronger – then maybe they wouldn’t be so short! 

What’s your all time favourite polish? 

Love and glitter 



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