Colour Pop Eyeshadows

Hi kids! 

It’s been a little while since I’ve posted something make up related! To be honest, not a lot has been going on and as always (and every blogger – beauty or other can probably agree) there’s a back log of content to write up. I’ve had a buy-heavy last few months and keeping track of which post is next can be daunting but I’m slowly hammering through them. Plus with it being NZ indie polish month, content has been swatch nail polish heavy!

Today I have some shadows from Colour Pop to share with you. If you follow any beauty blogger/vlogger people on YouTube then you’ll probably be familiar with this brand. First of all I love that the word colour is spelt the right way. Yes, casually just throwing shade to anyone who spells that differently! I refrained myself to three shadows (Hanky Panky, Bandit and 3) in my order from Colour Pop and I loosely based one of the shades on the Melt Cosmetics dark matter eye shadow stack (Bandit) because I’m coveting that so badly right now! 

I’ve been using these for a good two months at least now and I have to say.. Wow. I didn’t think that they would make it into my regular rotation mostly because I was used to living off a little NYX palette purely out of convenience – the struggle that comes with living out of a gym bag, you really can’t cart everything you want around with you most days. These are so good that I have to make room for them. Let’s start with application. They’re a little “wet” as in not at all chalky, so buttery, super blend able and very easy to work with. They actually say on their site that due to the formula they don’t recommend depotting these babies at all. In the hands of a newbie – maybe ease up on the product pick up. A lot seems to go a long way, even on my darker skin tone. Okay so wear time? I was of the opinion that you always (well at least I always did) needed eye shadow primer to help the shadow stay on all day and prevent or at least limit creasing. Okay, I legit wear these shadows with no primer and when I come home from work it still looks perfect. Very little or no creasing at all, it’s pretty amazing. I definitely recommend these to everyone. 

I can’t wait to order more Colour Pop eye shadows, these have me excited about eye make up! Yay! 
Love and glitter! 




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