Louboutin Rouge

Oh, hi there! 

This post is long overdue considering I got this nail polish before my birthday in April. Even though it’s NZ indie polish month I thought I had better take a break from scheduled programming for this month and finally share the amazingness that is this polish in all its avant garde packaged glory. My very good friend Nina from New Shoes In Town (that’s right, us blogger people do know each other in real life!) got this for me for my 25th birthday and I actually squealed when I opened it! 
A gradient from black to red on the glass crystal style cut bottle and 8 inches of pure, glossy spike makes up the handle of this nail polish, now everyone asks me is it difficult or easier to use because of the handle? It’s probably actually a little more difficult because it’s rather weighty too and you have to hold it right down the end near the brush. It’s not annoyingly difficult though, just different. It would also make a very good shank, ya know, should you ever need one. If someone decided to rob me in the night, I know what I would grab to defend myself. This bad boy. 
Now, onto what really matters, the polish inside! Haha I know it doesn’t actually matter because, honestly, how often am I going to use this? Probably never again, it’s too expensive! Anyhow.. It was almost a one coater but two coats for longevity is okay by me. It’s a cool toned red with a creme finish and is quite glossy which is really nice but not the perfect red for me (I like a very blue based red). 
So while it’s not the perfect red, it definitely has the wow factor and looks amazing on my nail polish table! However at approx $50USD a pop I don’t think I’ll be rushing out to get the whole range anytime soon. 
Love and glitter!



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