Swatch: Pahlish Bitter Sweet Symphony

Hey, hey!

Yes.. Yet again it has been a while since my last blog post.. So here’s a quick run down of my life in January 2014.. I moved house from a big one bedroom place all to myself to a tiny inner city apartment shared with two (fab gay) guys. The apartment is extremely warm which makes it quite difficult to paint my nails as you can imagine. Also the fumes don’t have anywhere to escape as my room is an internal room (read as no opening windows). Life has been shaken upside down and all around but we live and go on!

I’ve had this Pahlish polish for a while now but I haven’t posted a blog post about it mostly because my mind was so wishy washy about how I feel about it. I actually didn’t like it at all when I first tried it but it has grown on me! The first coat is quite sheer but two coats makes the black base opaque and the glitter doesn’t require any fishing at all. So many kinds of glitter in this one!

It’s still not my fave but it’s still a really cool indie polish!




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