Stop! Glitter Time.

Woo! First post of the year!

This is actually a back logged post that I’ve been meaning to post for the longest time!

So what I am about to share with you is possibly one of the best polishes I have come across this year. It’s truly beautiful and everything I want in a polish. It’s a one coat dream, glitter bomb to the point that it’s very much a holo and the depth it has is just.. Oh! Excuse me while I drool!

I’m talking about this L.A Girl 3D Holographic polish. The name of this colour is Sparkle Ruby. It’s a darker red to the point where it can look pink/fuchsia though? Well to me anyways. The photo really does not do this polish justice! I’ve found that it is my go to polish when I’m feeling uninspired.

Go out and buy it now!!! It’s so pretty!! I really want the orange colour of this range it just calls to me…. Drooling again.

Happy new year to all of my followers and visitors! I hope that your 2014 surpasses all expectations and is filled with love, fun and glitter!



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