Everything is coming up Milhouse!


This polish is the first polish I’ve ever purchased purely for the name. I am a pretty big Simpsons fan and my goldfish is named Milhouse so I had to buy it!!

I got this polish called Everything is Coming up Milhouse by Happy Hands from the Femme Fatale website which specialises in indie brands and is Australian based. I honestly didn’t even look at how much it cost, I just needed it because of the name! I layered two coats of it over one coat of Covergirl Out of The Blue and it looks really great! I just love how nerdy it looks.. Just like Milly!! You can just picture the whimpy voice and big glasses! “My mom says I’m cool” It’s a medium blue jelly base with yellow, orange, red, blue and purple glitters. Bonus: the larger glitters don’t require much fishing and not a lot of sinkage on this one.

“I can’t go to juvie! They use guys like me as currency!” – MILHOUSE VAN HOUTEN, The Simpsons

Love, love, love iiiiiiit!

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4 thoughts on “Everything is coming up Milhouse!

  1. Sandra Lewrey says:

    I also almost bought a Happy Hands polish because of the name – Lady Goodman, obviously inspired by the movie Almost Famous. It was pretty and all, but nothing I would have bought on my own. So strange! That’s one cute polish, though.

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