Vintage Rose Manicure


This is one of the manicures that I love to do. I really just think that it looks so great and it’s actually really easy. I still have (what I would consider) nubbins for nails and this design looks pretty good on short nails.

I started off with a base colour Cinderella by Sinful Colors. A lot of the people I know online in polish addict land love this polish.. Me, not so much. At least, not on its own. It’s a little too pale for me but for this manicure it fits the bill.

I decided on pink flowers and decided to outline the petals with a darker pink rather than using the swirling type technique. I don’t really have a preference over which method looks better.




2 thoughts on “Vintage Rose Manicure

  1. Nail Luxxe says:

    These came out great and the colours work so beautifully together! I’m one of those “in polish addict land” who thinks SC – Cinderella is gorgeous too hehe 🙂

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