Dark Red with Studs and Glitter


Last month I got an Orly polish in my sample bar box, it was actually my last subscription box so I’m stoked that I left it until then! I got a dark red called Moonlit Madness. I like Orly polishes quite a lot, it was one of the first brands of polish that I ever owned. My mum was always a Orly fan so I think that’s why I have a certain fondness for it.

I started off with two coats of Moonlit Madness then created a glitter gradient on the tips with Sassy Lacquer Utopia. This glitter is so fine with mainly gold and green. I was worried it might come off a bit Christmassy but I think it looks okay. I finished off with a stud at the bottom of each nail. These are the 5mm I believe from the born pretty store. They’re a bit big for my nails (which are very curved) so I might get the smaller ones so that they don’t fall off so quickly.




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