Neon Orly, Julep and STUDS


Well it’s been a really interesting last few days! A lot has been going on around here / in my life. My partner came back from overseas, I had a job interview, I got sick – and then speedily got better, we had an earthquake and then another one.. Oh so many quakes lately. I swear I’m just feeling them all the time! I went to the supermarket and it was just carnage! Everyone was buying all the bottled water they could hold really. Me? Some water.. Then straight for the wine. Hehehe! Kidding!

Anyways, I had/ have two days of annual leave planned in any case (yep everyone else gets a free day off and I was the egg who booked leave waaaay in advance so has to use up hard earned leave days instead. Stink.) so I have a lot of time to do fun things with my nails.

I recently got my first Julep polishes and I picked up some new Orly polishes because of the Farmers buy 1 get 1 free promo at the moment. There was one bottle of Glowstick left, which is just an in your face neon yellow and as soon as I saw it I knew I needed it in my life. It kind of put me off that I would have the same manicure as Seal, but I’m not going to let a man hold me back from my dreams polish. I layered it over two coats of white and it really just pops like nobody’s business. It is seriously soooooo bright it’s amazing.

I decided to have an accent nail using Julep Eloise which is a deep dark navy blue. It almost looks black on the nail which is a bit stink because in the bottle it looks great but I’m still happy because it is one of my first Julep polishes. The bottles are just so unique! When they arrived in the mail I got confused and was trying to remember if I had ordered lip gloss online. Haha!

I then decided that this was not enough and topped off the look with some studs that I got off the born pretty store site. I had never purchased anything off there before (a lot of firsts for me shopping wise lately) and I really was lemming studs like this so I ordered a bunch of stuff and I found that it arrived quite quickly so I was pleased with that. Well enjoy some photos after my very wordy post!





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