Unicorns Farted In My Polish


I woke up super early this morning even though I went to sleep really quite late (so all in all probably only got 5 hours of sleep) so I thought I would update ye olde blog!

I’ve recently gotten into indie (independent) polishes and I haven’t really looked back since. My collection of indies is growing – and at an alarmingly fast rate, must I add! My poor, poor wallet. Sigh.

I ordered around four or five polishes from Dollish Polish all but one are minis and the first thing I have to say is that I really love the bottles! Especially the minis! They don’t feel as miniature in my hand as other minis *cough OPI cough* do plus square bottles are just something you don’t come by all the time. The shipping was pretty standard/fair in price (around $19.05 USD for 8 bottles – I went splits with some others on the order) but did take longer than other indies that I’ve bought, it took around two and a half weeks BUT it is well worth the wait. The packaging was so cute there is some care and attention to detail taken with dispatching these babies. I wish I took photos but I didn’t! The polishes were wrapped in bubble wrap then placed inside a plastic bag with a Dollish polish logo sticker and then put inside a very pretty hot pink organza bag. So cute! It looked a lot better than I’ve described it.

Anyhow, on to the polish! I’ve only swatched one so far and it has the best name everrrrrrrrr: A Unicorn Farted In My Polish. How wicked is that?! I love the name. The polish itself I also love. It’s just a big mix of all the glitter you could really want. It’s so colourful and every nail ends up looking unique and different. I only used two coats of AUFIMP over a base colour (Cupid by Revlon) one quick thin-ish coat then a dabby coat to get those big bits of glitter on. I didn’t really have any trouble with getting the larger glitter or shapes glitter to go on my nails. Also, very nicely surprising to note that taking it off wasn’t as hard as I thought it might be.

Well enjoy some pictures of unicorns farting all over my nails! Hehe!



You can check out the Dollish Polish website/store here.

I used my own hard earned money to buy this farting unicorn and all the other polishes I got from Dollish Polish. These are my own opinions.


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