OPI Minnie Style Swatch


I’m always a bit behind when it comes to new collections and stuff but as soon as I saw the new OPI Couture De Minnie collection I knew I had to have this polish. Minnie Style is a very OPI style glitter with large hex glitters in an almost red pink, hot pink and white. I noticed that my bottle had a few square white glitter bits too but when I was swatching I didn’t really get any of them and when I did I decided to pick them out because it wasn’t cohesive enough across all my nails. A bit of a pain but nothing too major.

I swatched Minnie Style over OPI Mod About You and the result is pretty great. I’ve seen a lot of photos of this polish swatched over a similar pink from the collection called Chic From Ears To Tail so I wanted to use a similar colour. As with most chunky glitter polishes this was a B to take off! I have The Living Daylights which is the same style glitter which I absolutely adore but because it is such a pain to take off I hardly ever wear it.

Well, stay pretty my dears! The weather here has taken a turn for the worst – we are talking full out storms and in some parts of the country, tornados! If you’re from NZ stay warm and safe.

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