Dark Red and Black Stripes


Well, the weather is certainly taking a turn for the worst here in NZ.. Brrrrrr! I had to buy an electric blanket to keep my toesies warm!

Winter always reminds me of darker colours and I always steer clear of darker reds because I feel like they make my hands look old. I actually do! I even showed my nails to my boyfriend after I painted the base colour and asked him if he thought it made my hands look old.. I guess no one ever warns guys about the weird things we might ask them about our appearance.. Hahaha!

I used a Nicole by OPI polish called Sealed With A Kris. No offence meant to Kris Jenner, but even the name makes it seem old. The polish itself is very nice. It starts off like a jelly but then moves into a cream once you build up the layers. I went with black stripes over the top because I just couldn’t do this one plain Jane. Maybe I feel like darker reds make my hands look old because my mum loves darker reds? Hmm..




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