Bright polka dot gradient nails


I was about to say happy Sunday but it is actually Monday and I didn’t have work today because it is a public holiday (Queens Birthday) today, wahoo! I had a very good weekend, polish wise. I got 8 new polishes over the whole long weekend! And I will show you three of them right now.

I found another pharmacy in town that sells Sinful Colors polishes – yaaay! It’s fairly new because I went to this pharmacy a couple of weeks ago to buy hayfever medicine and they didn’t have the stand then.

I got a white, a neon green called Innocent and a bright blur called Endless Blue. The green reminds me of OPI Did It On Em. I really needed a new white polish as the one I have been using started to go gluggy and funny. I think this white is pretty good but I’ve never been overly happy with the SC brushes as they’re a little on the thin side.

I decided to go with a simple multiple sized dotty gradient design for these colours and I always like this type of manicure – it’s just so easy to do and looks like a lot of effort.




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