Max Factor Lilac Lace


Pretty much just a swatch again today. I decided to use one of the other Max Factor polishes I got on the weekend called Lilac Lace.

The colour is just too pretty in the bottle and really translates onto the nail. I’m really happy with this polish! Again, the formula was great. This one is almost a one coater, as in, if you are generous enough on the first coat it could be.

The photo of the polish on its own is without a top coat. This polish is reeeally quite shiny on its own which is great! However, to me, this doesn’t really matter because I always use a fast drying top coat (more out of habit and to speed things up a little – after all I do have other things to do, like baking).

I tried out a simple flower and dot design on one nail which turned out better than I expected. The flower was simple enough – just a ring of dots then joined together in the middle and a very small dot right in the centre in the colour of the base nail.




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