Grey and Glitter


Ahhh Mondays. Is there anything good about them? I’m sure there is but I just can’t think of it right now. Yay to a 12 hour day tomorrow.. Woohoo overtime. At least I will have pretty nails to get me through?

I have a double swatch post for you today with one of the new Max Factor polishes I got on the weekend and an OPI polish that I got for my birthday and still hasn’t tried out (how bad is that?!) from the Mariah Carey collection.

I decided to try out Opal by Max Factor which I scored for $5.00 since K-Mart was having a sale for $10.00 off all Max Factor products. I wish I got more than the three polishes that I got because I am very happy with this polish! Two coats was more than sufficient for excellent coverage and the colour looks great! In the bottle it looks almost white but on my nail it is more of a grey colour. There is a nice shimmer to this polish which is hard to capture.

I topped it off with a coat of OPI Pink Yet Lavender. The name I don’t really like but the polish.. Is pink and silver glitter so am I really going to complain? I like the way it looks over Opal and am keen to try it over a darker colour too. I tried it with two coats and as always I prefer one coat better. I always take it a step too far.. Sigh! Such is life right? Do you like it better with one or two coats of glitter?





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