Corset Nail Art


What a week/end! Sigh. I am absolutely exhausted.. I did overtime on Saturday and am doing a 12 hour day tomorrow as well. It’s going to be a looooong day. Oh well, it must be done! I’m trying to save for a trip to Rarotonga later in the year.

Anywho, I tried out this really easy corset nail art look this week and I wanted to share it with all of you. I am usually pretty nervous to polish my nails with black polish just due to staining but this will be totally worth it. I used BYS Black Satin as the base colour then used a stripe of China Glaze Hey Sailor. I then used a silver polish (but you could use white) and did four small dots on either side of the red stripe then used a striper to create the laces in black.

I think it looks really great! This could easily be a great accent nail look as well.

I hope you all had great week/ends. My hay fever has been wreaking havoc with my sinuses today.. So horrid ūüė¶ I just can’t even get comfy, my eyes and throat are so itchy. I had a hay fever pill and some sudafed and it didn’t work either. If anyone has any tips for me I would pretty much be willing to try anything!!




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