Nail Polish Storage Update


Happy Sunday everybody! The weekend always flies by so quickly.. Too quickly! Sigh! I hope you all had great weekends.

I started off my weekend going to the Salvation Army Family Store in the city (a second hand/thrift shop) to look for something to sort out my polish storage situation. Ideally I would love to have a huge executive style desk but that’s just not going to fit in my tiny flat. I found this simple brown desk with drawers for only $30.00 which I plan on sanding down and painting when I get some time.

I have sorted my polishes by colour (for now) and laid them out flat rather than standing up so that I can actually see the colours. I’m happy now my nail polish wont be in the plastic boxes and there is actually a station for me to do my nails! On the desk top I have all my top coats, base coats and stripers in a little basket because I use them all the time. Hopefully over the next few months I will be able to “pretty” this area up – I’ve already gotten approval to paint the desk pink!








7 thoughts on “Nail Polish Storage Update

  1. TrineMarie says:

    I wish I had a designated “nail art area”. Right now I have nail polishes all over the apartment. Btw, I read a blog where someone had put a drop of nail polish on top of every cap so that you could still see the color. Wait, she might have done it on tiny white stickers that she then put on the cap – because the color wouldn’t show up as well against the black.

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