China Glaze: Hey Sailor!


Ever since I started my love affair with nail polish I have always coveted this China Glaze polish. Finally! The time has come and it is mine.. Muahaha!

I love my bright red polishes and this is no exception. The China Glaze brush is very thin in comparison to OPI but it is still easy to get a nice even application which I find mind boggling. The formula was great, just the right consistency and the colour is just amazing.

I used it as a base for a white polka dot manicure as well and I think it looks very good – if not a little boring but hey! It looks good so I can’t complain.

I only have three China Glaze polishes but I am a fan of them. They’re not very common here in New Zealand but I have seen a fair few on TradeMe so I might hit that up next pay day.





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