OPI Birthday Cake


Well I am back from my holiday – which was very relaxing! It was nice to get away from the busyness of the city and just go at my own pace for a few days. My mind and body definitely got a well deserved break!

Tonight I celebrated my birthday with my friends with a pot luck dinner. I love pot luck dinners because you get to have so many amazing dishes but you only have to cook/ contribute one thing. I wanted to share a photo of my birthday cake which my boyfriend made for me, modelled on a bottle of OPI nail polish! I joked that it looks like it could be Big Apple Red which I don’t have so he should probably buy me a bottle to match my cake. Haha, wishful thinking!! I think it’s pretty good for a rush job considering we just got back from holiday last night and then went out to a party as soon as we got back to Wellington too!




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