Dark skittle style nails


I’m trying to get out a few blog posts now before I go away on Wednesday (my birthday!) for the rest of the week.

Continuing on with the dark nails today. I think because the weather is getting colder I’m using darker colours as a blanket. I’m sure I will get sick of it and divert back to cute and bright colours soon.

I used different colours on each nail. I just realised I used mostly OPI polishes! I used My Vampire Is Buff, Eurso Euro, Live And Let Die, a white striper and BYS Starlette. I was inspired by a video on YouTube by XoJahtna where she had a cool nail design on her nails in her Henna Tattoo video. I tried winging it and I’m not too disappointed with the result! I think I need to work on the cross a bit because it’s a bit off centre.




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