Swatch: OPI When Monkeys Fly


Just a simple swatch for you tonight. Lazy Sunday manicures and all that! At 3am daylight savings kicked in – one one where you turn your clocks back one hour. For some reason I thought it was Sunday night that you were meant to turn the clocks back so this morning I was really confused about the time. My phone automatically adjusted but when I wake up I use my flip clock instead of my phone. I didn’t know whether I should keep sleeping or not so naturally.. I watched the Simpsons in bed!

Also, I cut my nails down very short today. A bit sad, I know, but every now and then I like to/ need to cut them short because they start splitting really badly and there’s just no salvaging them. I’m still on the lookout for a really good treatment that’s not too pricey! If anyone can recommend anything I’m open to suggestion. I currently use Sally Hansen Hard As Nails and I don’t think it’s working the way I need/want it to.

I hope everyone had a great weekend! The cold wintery type weather has started to kick in here already.. You know when it’s so cold you need to really force yourself to get out of bed! I had a good weekend. Today I did quite a bit of unplanned shopping.. Oops.

Anyway, I finally decided I should properly swatch OPI’s When Monkeys Fly. It is one of the polishes that my boyfriend got for me from the make up sale a wee while ago. I gave him a list of polishes that I would prefer and this one wasn’t on it but he figured because it was from a new collection that I would want it. I’ve tried it out before but I only tried it on one nail. I read a lot of bad reviews on this polish due to the “taco shell” type large gold glitters. I found that the formula itself caused the glitter to sink to the bottom very quickly. Is it just mine or are all of them like this? It looks like a cloudy pearl white at the top?

I layered it over OPI Eurso Euro. I think it looks good over a dark colour. I found a lot of trouble with the application of When Monkeys Fly.. Even the small glitter was reluctant to go on my nail! The base formula is just so.. Gluggy! In the end I had to scoop out the large glitters and use a dotting tool to pick them up and put them on my nails. At least this way I had control over the chunky glitter being curved side down. I’m not sure whether OPI intended for the glitter to be curved this way (if I do some research then maybe I would know) but I think it’s a definite fail on their part. All in all.. I might actually get rid of this polish on Trade Me.

Have you tried When Monkeys Fly? How did you find the formula and application? I’m interested to know!! Sorry for the word heavy post! Some days I just have a lot to say?? Hehehe..




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