Easter Nail Art


As I’ve just had four days off in a row due to the celebration that is Easter I figured I really should do an Easter inspired manicure. I used the tutorial on YouTube by Cute Polish for this look but it’s pretty self explanatory when you look at it in it’s entirety.

I decided to do every nail a different colour rather than all the same or on a white base. I think that’s because I have sooo many polishes that I want to use them all! I want to use as many as possible!

I went with the little chick coming out of a cracked egg and made all the other nails look like whole Easter eggs. I think it looks so cute! Definitely a holiday worthy manicure.

I hope you all had great Easter breaks, however long it was for you! Did the Easter bunny give you many chocolate goodies? I love the Monday after Easter because all the leftover chocolate eggs are on sale!





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