Swatch: OPI Eurso Euro


I finally got around to taking off the Suzi’s Hungary Again (even though I just love it so much) and I decided to swatch Eurso Euro from the Euro Centrale collection by OPI.

I’m not normally a big fan of blues or darker colours really so I’m not sure what possessed my boyfriend to buy this polish for me? He must’ve known it would look aaaamaazing??

I really like this colour it’s not too dark and to me it almost looks purple sometimes. It’s a definite two coater but the formula is really great. I hope it doesn’t stain my nails! I used a base coat but I have the worst luck with staining.

Also, it’s day three of using the new top coat that I got and I am really liking it A LOT! So I guess I will have to do a post about it sometime soon..! I think you’ll be surprised because it isn’t a Seche or OPI or orly etc..




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