Black and pink dots and drips


Hope you are all having great weekends! This weekend consisted of Les Miserables and suit shopping. It was a great weekend all around really. Also I got a new top coat! Yay! Maybe I’ll do a post about it once I see how it goes.

Now, enough with the chit chat and on to the thing we are all here for, my manicure! I’m a big pink and black fan. I’m a bigger pink and white fan but today’s lazy Sunday manicure is pink and black so I’ll just have to deal with it!

I still had my Suzi’s Hungary Again mani on so I just used it as a base and played around with some designs. I always want to try the paint drip look but I couldn’t really pull it off that well today. Sigh. I tried the look with a matte top coat and shiny top coat. Which do you like better?? I think I lean ever so slightly to the matte finish..!




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