Valentines manicure: sweet mint


I hope you are all having wonderful weekends! I did absolutely nothing today it was amazing!! Ok, actually, I tell a lie because I went out to yum cha.. Which was delish!!

Now, I don’t know about you, but, I LOVE valentines day! As far as favourite days go, it’s pretty up there. Yes I know it’s not a “real” holiday but you could argue that Christmas isn’t either. To me valentines day is all about giving thanks to the ones you love! I give my mum flowers every year for valentines day, it’s not just about boyfriends/ girlfriends.

Any who, here is my (first) valentines themed manicure. I named this sweet mint because I love the pop of mint, it is just so adorable! I started off with First Kiss by Sally Hansen and did my accent nail with Sinful Colors Be Happy. I drew a little white heart on my middle finger and did some polka dots and stripes on the other peach nails. On top of the little heart and accent nail I layered over Starlette by BYS. Pretty!!!





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