Cartoon nail art


We are the cartoon heroes! Ooh woah-oh! Heheh..

Anyways, I saw this really cool design on a YouTube tutorial by xoJahnta recently and I loved the look of it so much that I tried it straight away. I started off with a coat of black polish (BYS Black Satin) and then carefully painted my pink and blue (the pink is a neon Kleancolor and the blue is Himalayan Blue by Sally Hansen)on top and left a border around the edges. The tip.. I wasn’t really able to avoid painting with my colour, so I went back over it with the black polish to completely frame the colour. Then I used a white striper for a shiny accent.. Done!! I’ve gotten a lot of comments about these nails and my boyfriend said that this is his fave so far. They really look so cartoony!






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