Marching band inspired nails


I feel like it has been so long since I last posted! I actually got withdrawal symptoms.. I missed updating my blog! It’s become my baby.. 🙂 I actually have 3 posts to share as of now but I will spread them out over the weekend. We have a long weekend in Wellington due to Wellington Anniversary Day so that’s pretty awesome! A whole other day to do my nails!

So I saw a design on Julie G’s YouTube channel for nutcracker nails and I thought that these were very marching band looking! I twisted it up a little to make it look more like I wanted it to in my mind. Basically start off with a red base and draw three lines and add dots at either end in gold or yellow. I used my Zoya Sooki (obsessed with this) and my BYS Buried Treasure.

I love them! They’re really cute and eye catching. They remind me of that Gwen Stefani song “Hollaback Girl”! I’m actually singing it right now.. “That sh*t is bananas.. B A N A N A S!”

Oh and BTW one of my posts this weekend will be my giveaway! Yay!




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