FREE Zoya polish (for kiwis)


So you lucky kiwi girls! Do you want a free nail polish??? I was at New World supermarket just doing my weekly shop when I saw that they were giving away a free Zoya nail polish with purchase of two of more Special K cereals. I bought two of the honey almond (on special for $4.99 each) so essentially this polish cost me $10.00. Pretty good considering it has a $23.00 value!

The polish itself is a jelly-ish cream called Sooki. It’s a beautiful bright red! The perfect red for any girl really. The formula is great too – it’s actually a one coater!! So go get your free polish! Regular Special K is only $3.99 a box so you could get it for as low as 8 bucks even! I’ve been coveting the Zoya brand for aaaages so I’m so stoked that I finally have one. I’m sure it won’t be the last one I get either.. I don’t know how long the promo is for or if it is at other supermarkets.






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