Purple and black bubble tip manicure


Happy Sunday everybody! I’ve had the most relaxing weekend just doing NOTHING which is so great! Sometimes it’s just good to blob out, right?

So I wanted to use one of the new Kleancolor polishes I got last weekend. I used one called Iridescent Fuchsia. The polish was great – you might even get away with one coat! It wasn’t streaky or gluggy, very ideal. I used my BYS black satin polish to do the tips and then used a dotting tool to make the tips like… Bubbly? I can’t really explain it!! I like the effect but I think it would look better with more contrasting colours because the purple and black are so dark you can hardly see it. Also please excuse the messy cuticles.. It’s lazy Sunday!!



Also an update regarding my pending giveaway! I got one of the prizes today! Yaaaaay!! It’s a very pretty scarf I got for myself but they had another one at the store and I just thought it was so awesome that I wanted to get one for the giveaway. It’s a neon pink/orange colour with zebras printed all over it. Not zebra print! Actual zebra animals.. It looks soooooo cool! I will be getting more prizes (in the form of BYS polishes) next weekend. In the meantime.. Here’s the scarf:




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