Vintage roses nail art


Sometimes I like to revisit nail art. You know the saying: an oldie but a goodie. I feel that way about this very manicure! I like to try it out with different colours each time but the technique remains the same.

I tried out one of the OPI minis I got for Christmas called Don’t Pretzel My Buttons. I’m not sure if its just this one bottle or all OPI minis but I found that the brush is really bad!! The bristles are all different lengths and bent.. Not good!

I also used revlon temptress for the middle, a red striper for the petals, bys matte mint green for the petals with Ciate Mojito.

I love this manicure! I used to work at a fabric store and we sold a lot of quilting fabric just like this and I always wanted to make a dress out of it too.




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