Nail polish storage addition


Woo! First post of the year! I was busy all day yesterday so I haven’t had time to do my nails but I’m going to a wedding reception tonight so I must do my nails today!

In the mean time..

Just a quick update on my nail polish storage, it’s still the same but I have been forced to buy a new short container for my growing polish collection. My boyfriend insists that it’s not out of hand yet so I’m not going to stop. I was going to stop buying polish until April but I’ve broken that rule about 6 times already so… Yeeeah. Considering I didn’t get much polish for Christmas I can’t really bank on people getting it for me for my birthday so I’ll just have to keep on adding to my own collection?

So when I was in rotorua I went to Payless plastics which is closing down. They had the exact container that I use for storing my polishes for $4.95 (at the warehouse they are $6.00) I really like these containers although they’re not anything to look at they’re the perfect height for nail polish so it stays upright (provided the container is full). The top container is all my Ciate minis, most if my OPI and orly polishes (pretty much the polishes I use on a regular basis) the second is everything else including some OPI overflow, the bottom (the big deep one) is all other supplies such as remover, cream, cutters, dotting tools, top and base coats etc.

Also, just a side note: since I started this blog in 2011 I have been overwhelmed with the number of followers I have gained in that short time, currently I’m sitting at 47 followers. Once I hit 50 I want to do a giveaway so I’ll let you all know when that happens! I just want to thank every single follower I have so far – it humbles me to think that you looked at my blog and liked it enough to stick around. Here’s to you!






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