Multicoloured overlapping spotty manicure


Happy New Year’s Eve everyone! 2013 here we come! Are you going to bother making a resolution? My resolution last year was not to eat fried chicken. I did pretty well.. I succumbed to fried chicken in October when I got sick and cried for it. Overall though I don’t eat as much fried chicken as I used to so really my resolution worked out for me I guess. The year before my resolution was to be more social and I am still living that one! I seriously used to be the worst nanna.. I’d go out and be home by 11 most weekends and wouldn’t bother catching up with people. I’m thinking my resolution this year will be to help others but I haven’t decided how yet.

It’s tradition in Filipino culture to wear circles and eat round things like fruits on new year. My boyfriend is Filipino so I decided to paint my nails with some kind of round shapes on them. I’ve always loved the look of the overlapping spotty/dotty manicure so I decided this would be a good chance to give it a go. I love the way it turned out! If you read my blog or know me you’ll probably know that I love polka dots anyway!

I used Ciate Cookies and Cream as a base colour and layered on the following: Sally Hansen first kiss and Himalayan blue, OPI that’s hot! Pink and orly purple pleather.

Wishing you a safe and happy new year and may your 2013 be everything you want it to be! Don’t forget to kiss someone at midnight.. Mwah!




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