Pink with baby blue polka dots


Yay! I’m back home! It was great to get away for a few days – it really felt like a holiday. However much I love going away nothing beats coming home and sleeping in your own bed. Unless if course.. Melbourne, which us one place I could stay because we pretty much have another home there so it’s just like being at home anyway. I may have been quite cheeky and bought a polish while I was away… It was on sale for $2.99 AND I was away on holiday so it doesn’t count.. Hmm.. Plus, it’s only one little tiny bottle it can’t do much harm (yeah, yeah Kalliana just keep trying to convince yourself)

I got Sally Hansen First Blush which is a pretty peachy pink. I think it pairs really nicely with Sally Hansen Himalayan Blue. I’m so glad to have chip free nails again, it really was driving me crazy! I spent the whole trip home picking the polish off my nails as much as I could. I really like these Sally Hansen polishes the formula seems to apply really nicely!



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